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This complexity makes, the job of doing a full-fledged analysis upfront in the product cycle difficult, more so, in a real turn-around time. In addition, the large amount of data generated from the analysis of even a typical automotive assembly makes the problem formidable. Numerous possibilities of squeak and rattle issues within assemblies as well as across assemblies makes the analysis even more complex as well as confusing. In essence, the industry needs a robust tool that can be employed in real-time product cycles for reliable prediction of BSR issues upfront to help designers to enhance product design.

The fundamental requirements for an analytical tool for real-time usage are: The solution process should incorporate robust mathematical tools as well as reliable engineering perspective and experience in the field to provide consistent results of practical relevance and acceptance; The process should be based upon simplistic solutions that the industry depends upon in a regular basis; The analysis paradigm should be concise with minimal solution space requirements for a fast churning of results; The process should encompass the major internal as well as external factors influencing the phenomena; The process should be automated involving minimal user input and interactions; The analytical tool should be flexible for continuous as well as intermittent usage covering global as well as local solution perspective; and The analytical tool should incorporate reporting and presentation mechanisms catering to the industrial needs and requiring least user interaction without loosing clarity.

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In this paper, it is demonstrated how an analytical tool — N-hance. BSR — can be efficiently employed for real-time verification of design modifications from squeak and rattle perspective in system and sub-system levels in an integrated approach. The critical squeak and rattle locations identified by the analytical method presented in this paper were confirmed by real life data.

Two trimmed body finite element models of a luxury car from an advanced research project were considered in this effort Figure 2. The first baseline version corresponds to a production version. Both models have approximately 3 million degrees of freedom with enough detail in the structural components. Figure 2. Baseline Model The definition of plastic trim components such as IP, glove box, door trim, etc, would help in a refined study of the corresponding assemblies. However for want of resources and to stick to the emphasis on effects of body structure improvement, the models were kept devoid of these plastic trim enhancements, while considering the design modifications from the baseline design to the enhanced design.

However, one of the objectives of this paper is to examine the influence of the body structure design changes on the squeak and rattle characteristics of the trim components. The trimmed body models were integrated with other modal components to build a full vehicle model in VSIGN a Ford proprietary software and the acoustic and tactile responses to road loads were evaluated and correlated with those from test. The assemblies included in the model for study are listed in Table For the loading, a fixed amplitude sinusoidal sweeping excitation on 4 tires with diagonal out-of-phase, i. The loads were applied at the tire patches in the full vehicle model and the corresponding attachment forces at the chassis to trimmed body attachment degrees of freedom were evaluated.

Typical loads applied at the attachment points are shown in Figure 3. Possible mathematical redundancies and impossibilities are identified and eliminated from the solution by a set of rules based on engineering experience and judgment.

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The technology is found to be quite reliable as against physical tests for many automotive assemblies such as instrument panel and doors [4]. The method accommodates various loads — random, simple harmonic sine sweep , time history, complex fields, etc. It also provides optional inclusion of the influence of environmental fields, material properties impact and frictional , and tolerance and stack-up factors on the BSR characteristics of the assembly in an a priori as well as in an a posteriori sense.

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The method is built on the simple linear solutions static, eigen and dynamic response that any design validation team uses in the industry. Input from the user is minimized to a finite element model and its linear static, eigen and dynamic responses at a predetermined set of potential critical BSR spots. The solution space is minimized based on a combination of mathematical and heuristic rules encompassing the geometrical and modal characteristics of the model.

This enables the tool to provide a realistic turn-around time without compromising reliability of the results. The potential BSR spots are then evaluated by projecting the linear solutions to determine the relative loss of energy and momentum to which the noise is directly related. The analysis is carried out in complex Figure 4: The critical BSR location prediction system — An Over View [1] The above-described process has been incorporated into an object-oriented software — N-hance.

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The software is geared for comparative evaluation of various design alternatives in the virtual domain before changing the product design and the subsequent tooling. BSR fully automates managing the model and data requests for various solutions, handling the gigabytes of finite element solutions, analyzing the finite element solutions for BSR evaluation, and finally generating comprehensive reports in various formats.

A typical design cycle would involve evaluation of the baseline model, design enhancement based on N-hance results and other sources, evaluation of the enhanced model in comparison with the baseline model as shown in Figure 5. Finally, the dynamic response of the model to the prescribed loads is evaluated for squeak and rattle. The resource requirements for such an analysis is provided in Table The baseline model is evaluated for squeak and rattle at system level for predicting critical locations between the assemblies as well as between parts in certain prespecified assemblies IP and Front Door.

Potential Figure 6: Rattle Point Map — Baseline Model The rattle point distribution and the rattle fields at most critical point are presented for the most critical assembly pair hood and body-in-white in Figure 7. Figure 7: Critical Rattling Assemblies — Baseline Model The rattle propensity index for the assemblies are presented along with the population index number of rattle points between each assembly pair is presented in Figure 8. The first two involves an upfront good body structure design.


The last is more of a fix mechanism and is expensive. The design strategy adopted in this project was to improve isolation efficiency and alleviate the loads in the major noise path and at the same time improve the stiffness. This improvement called for identifying the major noise paths and identifying changes in body structure design to reflect on what we call attachment stiffness at all the attachment DOF. Though the name has a local connotation, this stiffness metric is highly influenced by global modes. Thus working on the attachment stiffness automatically implies working on global modes.

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